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Union City Master Locksmith LLC - What to Do When Transponder Key Is Lost

Transponder keys are a relatively new type of car key. They are used in most modern cars, so you will probably not have one if you drive a much older vehicle. You will not be able to reap the advantages of a transponder key on a much older vehicle unless you are willing to spend quite a bit of money on modifications.

If you have a transponder key for your car and you have any kind of problems with it, we can help you. Here at Union City Master Locksmith LLC (Union City, Georgia), we know all about transponder keys. We have all the equipment needed to work with this type of key and our specialists are very well trained to take care of any transponder key problems.

What is a transponder key?

Many of you have heard about the term “transponder key” but very few people know what this key really is and how it works. We are here to shed some light on this matter and show you how this key works and how it helps you. A transponder key may look like a normal key in many cases, but it has one major difference. It contains a transponder chip inside of it.

All the security these keys provide is due to the transponder chip. How does it work? The transponder chip in your key transmits a signal to the computer inside your car. Only when the correct signal is received will the car start when you turn the key in the ignition cylinder. If the transponder chip fails, you will be unable to start the car.

Fun Facts About Transponder Keys

Although transponder keys are more secure than regular car keys, there are some things you definitely need to know about them.

  • Transponder keys are not cheap to create.

Although these keys are very good at protecting your car, they are definitely not cheap to make. Most people would pay just a few bucks to copy a regular car key. A transponder key may cost hundreds of dollars to make. This is why it is very important that you do not lose or damage your transponder keys.

  • Copying them is not an easy task.

Because of the safety features of a transponder key, it is very difficult to copy one. In fact, it was designed to be resistant to copying as much as possible, as is normal. While you may think that going to a locksmith will solve your transponder key copying problems, you may have a surprise. Not all locksmiths have the technology and hardware to copy these advanced keys. One needs a lot of experience, knowledge and equipment to pull it off correctly. Otherwise, the car will not start when you try to use the copied key.

  • They are susceptible to being damaged

Just like regular keys, transponder keys can get damaged. They can get stuck in the ignition or may even break in the ignition. You can lose them just as you would lose a normal key. In addition, the transponder chip may not take lightly to repeated hits (like when you drop the keys on the pavement) and may start to malfunction. If something doesn’t work as it should, consult with a locksmith as soon as possible. In most cases, a locksmith can solve your transponder key problems at a fraction of the cost you would pay if you went to the car dealer.

  • If you damage or lose the transponder chip, your car will not start

Because the transponder chip is the most important piece of the key, your car will not start if it is missing. Of course, you may be in luck and still have the spare key. However, whatever you do, do not attempt to tinker with the car’s computer or with the ignition and attempt to bypass the transponder chip. You may end up damaging your car.

What to Do When You Lose the Transponder Key?

There are only two options in the unfortunate event that you lose your transponder key:

  • You try to find the spare key and use it to start your car. In most cases, you will have the spare key somewhere in your house. It’s just a matter of finding it. If, however, you can’t find the spare, you need to go to option number two.
  • Call a locksmith and ask him to make a new transponder key for you. Call a reliable locksmith and make sure you specify that you need to make a transponder key. You need to tell him this because locksmiths don’t have the equipment necessary to perform this task in most cases. Making a transponder key is not easy.

Other Problems You May Encounter With Your Transponder Key
Here are some of the things that may go wrong with your transponder key:

  • A transponder chip may fall out of a key

Let’s be honest; we all drop our keys from time to time. Make sure that the transponder chip has not fallen out if your key has opened up when it hit the ground. Without the chip, you won’t be able to start your car.

  • Sometimes transponder chips need to be reprogrammed

If your key does not start the car even though there are no signs of damage, your transponder chip may need to be reprogrammed. This happens rarely, but it does happen. Make sure the transponder chip is inside before you call a locksmith for reprogramming procedures.

  • The key battery has died and the car won’t start

As it is an electronic device, the transponder chip needs a battery to work. If the battery has died, you need to replace it. If you don’t replace it, the chip will be unable to communicate the computer in your car and your car will not start. If you don’t know what battery you need or how you can replace it, stop by our store or talk with a professional in your location. Our team of friendly and courteous locksmiths will assist you immediately if you are in our service area. Here at Union City Master Locksmith LLC, we have the best locksmiths in the city.

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